Konnichiwa! My name is Serena, but I go by my art handle, "KittiePink" and have been doing art ever since I was little. The name "KittiePink" comes from my love from Cats and the color Pink. It is also the name of my main character 'Kittie Kitsuneko'.

I began drawing professionally in 1999, when places like "FurBid" were around. While I began quickly selling my artwork there, I soon moved on to selling prints at conventions, prints on eBay, illustrating a comic book and doing artwork for local businesses.

Recently I have expanded my horizons into making hair and jewelry accessories on Etsy. Each of my bows and jewelry pieces are carefully crafted to model loosely after the "Magical Girl" theme. I have also resumed making plush and cosplay items as well based on original designs and characters from various cartoons and animes.

If you would like to see my artwork, please check out my portfolio link or click on Etsy to see all of my handmade accessories.

If you have come here with interest to hire me for a project or custom order, please be sure to check the chart below and e-mail me your information.

Thank you so very much for visiting! Jaa mata ne~!

Commission FAQ

1. How long does it take you to finish a piece?
  Depending on what medium you would like (accessory, cosplay, plush or artwork) It can take me anywhere from a day to a month. Giving me a "due date" helps in letting me know how long I have.

2. What kind of art will you do?
  I will do anything from G to PinUp PG-13. I won't do *anything* Adult (4 kids in the house). I also cannot do Robotics or anything that is highly technical.

3. What type of media do you use for your artwork?
  At the moment, I only do traditional pencil, inked or marker/colored pencil drawings. You will get the "hard copy" of course.

4. I've never done this before, how do I pay you?
  Currently, I can only take Paypal and payment is due before I even START your drawing.

5. Where can I find ratings on you on previous sales?
  You're welcome to check eBay, etsy or my eCrater.

6. So how do I officially commission you?
At this time, I am accepting commissions by e-mail only. Please let me know your project and your due date at that time. I can also be contacted via e-mail for any accessory or custom project.

Various Misc. Projects Pricing

Plush Cosplay Items Crocheted BJD Clothing Intriquite Cloth Bows Gem or Sculpted Bows Charm Jewelry Sculpted Items (flat/3D) Drawings (Pencil, Ink, etc) Other Medium Drawings
$40.00 USD & Up $20.00 USD & Up $20.00 USD & Up $20.00 USD & up $30.00 USD & Up $15.00 USD & Up $15.00 USD & Up $10.00 USD & Up $40.00 USD & Up
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