Giveaway Information

1. Why a giveaway?
Kittie wants to be able to give back to all the people that have supported her on Twitch. Because she can't give back to everyone, a giveaway seems the best way to do that!

2. How can I enter?
It's SUPER simple! All you have to do, is follow Kittie and be there on the day of the giveaway stream! You can't win if you're not there or following!

3. How will the winners be chosen?
Kittie will be putting all followers names into a random generator that when rolled, will pick a RANDOM person to be the winner! We will start from the lowest prize and work our way up the stream!

4. Will There be OTHER items given away at any time?
There is always a chance for special items to be given away if there are a lot of people in attendance. This is not a guarantee it will happen of course. But there is always a possibility.

5. When are Giveaways announced?
Giveaways will be every 500 follower milestone. That means at 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc. The very best way to know when these are happening are to be a part of Kittie's Discord. You can find the link on her page for Twitch.

6. How will you get the item to me?
You will have to provide a valid email address for Kittie to send your item(s). Typically Kittie will send the code via either Discord or Whisper on Twitch, but on the rare occasion an email needs to be used, you must provide such.

7. When do I have to be a follower to enter?
You have to be a follower BEFORE the actual date of the giveaway.